We are located in Vetepere Village, Järva Rural Municipality, Järva County.

How to arrive

We are located in the area of the Albu Järvamaal Vetepere village. You come by car can park in the large free parking area. 
By train www.elron.ee
Drive Aegviidu stop, which is located about 26 km away from the museum. Museum is must ride the bus (peatus.ee) End Station, which is 4 km away. 
By bus peatus.ee
Drive to End station, located 4 km away from the muse- um. The bus service is slow, so it is worth before coming to determine the bus schedule.

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Opening times

Autumn-Winter (Sept. 15th to May 14th)
Open Wed-Sun 10-15
Spring-Summer (May 15th to Sept. 14th)
Open Tue-Sun 11-18
Closed on National Holidays 


Single museum ticket EUR 4
Discounted ticket (school and university students, seniors) EUR 3
Family tickets (parents and children) EUR 8 
Tour guide EUR 25