Vargamäe heptathlon A relay race will test the team’s skills and cooperativeness. The seven events are completed using old farming tools such as the shaft bow and the horse yoke. 

Traditional folk games and customs This activity program is inspired by farm life – we’ll travel back in time to play the games that were once traditionally played by a typical framing family. Some of the games played include riddle solving, tug-of-war, “Poke Out the Eye of the Shoemaker”, and the Nettle Game. If you wish, we’ll talk about traditions related to predicting the future and endeavor to indeed tell the future on site. 

Traditional folk Christmas You’ll learn about traditional Christmas mores, games, and soothsaying ways with emphasis on doing things together and spending time as a group. Learning about folk Christmas customs, participants will have a chance to try out handicrafts, play games, and foretell the future. The program will equip you with knowledge and skills for a different kind of Christmas celebration. 

Magnificent Estonian nature Bogs are some of the most wondrous natural sights to be visited in Estonia. The Museum is situated close to Kodru Bog which leads all the way to Järva-Madise Church. The bog hike extends across 5.2 km. You will be accompanied by a Hike Leader.

A.H Tammsaare muuseum


Opening times

Autumn-Winter (Sept. 15th to May 14th)
Open Wed-Sun 10-15
Spring-Summer (May 15th to Sept. 14th)
Open Tue-Sun 11-18
Closed on National Holidays 


Single museum ticket EUR 5
Discounted ticket (school and university students, seniors) EUR 4
Family tickets (parents and children) EUR 10
Tour guide EUR 25 


SA A. H. Tammsaare Muuseum Vargamäel (Foundation A. H. Tammsaare Museum in Vargamäe)

Vetepere küla (Vetepere Village), Järva vald (Järva Rural Municipality), Järvamaa (Järva County) 73416, Estonia

Information: +372 5340 0637, +372 3859 020

Groups and booking: +372 5340 3461